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Make an appointment for a Swedish massage in Sidney, MT

If you're looking for a pamper session, start it with a soothing Swedish massage from Michelle Hernandez LMT. Our Swedish massage therapist will use long strokes and light pressure to help you relax and unwind. Drama at work? Tensions at home? Say goodbye to them all. When you visit us, your stress will melt away.

You deserve a break. Set up your Swedish massage by calling our Sidney, MT location today.

What makes a Swedish massage different?

Different massage techniques produce different results. If you're looking for deep relaxation, then you want a Swedish massage from Michelle Hernandez LMT.

Your Swedish massage therapist will use:

  • Long, kneading strokes
  • Rhythmic tapping
  • Light to firm pressure

See why so many people recommend Swedish massages when you book one for yourself. Call 406-433-4757 now to set up your appointment.